Friday, December 12, 2008

Tiny Mix Tapes Gives A HEAVVVY Review Of Pussygutt.

She Hid Behind Her Veil

[20 Buck Spin; 2008]

Styles: doom-noise

Others: Hammers of Misfortune, Samothrace, Rakhim
Original review

Even in an era when a huge strain of sub-guitar noiseniks are doing anything they can to sound as dark and ominous as possible, the bands of the 20 Buck Spin label sound, well, just a little extra dark and ominous. It’s at least the case with Rakhim, a positively grimy duo with an excellent doom-noise album to their credit, and now with Pussygutt, who vomit out 45 minutes of impending wrath like vengeful gods with She Hid Behind Her Veil. It makes all the sense in the world that they hale from the methland that is Idaho, as they can’t seem to put together a collage that doesn’t sound dipped in drugs.

A single-track, sitting-on-a-cloud drone excursion that plays like a deathly, wordless after-school special minus the commercials, the cliché images you’d expect march through your mind as Veil unfolds: red, fiery timpanis larger than the earth itself banging out a sparse rhythm; an orchestra of skeletons playing strings atop a floating piece of ice, just drifting to nowhere; decapitated bunnies — you get the idea. It has a dank-dungeon feel and smell, the sound of six-foot nails being driven into the earth, with a downpour of fuzz that doesn’t relent until it’s time to neatly tie it all up with the aforementioned string of strings.

There are more complex thrills out there if you’re looking for obscure product, but Pussygutt is what they is. Don’t begrudge them for that.

1. She Hid Behind Her Veil

by Gumshoe

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