Tuesday, December 09, 2008

SHUT UP, LITTLE MAN! The Complete Recordings now on iTunes!

Paraphrased from the (NEWLY RELAUNCHED!) SHUT UP LITTLE MAN! website:

The long-awaited, much-requested Complete Recordings of Shut Up Little Man! are now available digitally in seven separate volumes. The original recordings have been carefully edited and sound engineered for higher fidelity and clarity, so that every moment of audio savagery and drunken hilarity of Peter and Raymond has been preserved and represented. Unlike the short snippets on the popular "Best Of" album, the new Complete Recordings feature mostly unexpurgated dialogues, enabling the listener to get a truer sense of the putrid flow of an evening with the infamous duo-- the absurd barbs back and forth, the snowballing aggression, and the booze-laden verbal and physical exchanges. Each volume of the Complete Recordings is different and jammed with 74 minutes of Pete & Ray rants with disturbing and humorous one-liners not found on the "Best Of" CD.

iTunes is exclusively selling digital downloads of these titles between now and December 23rd. Own all seven!

Complete Recordings, Volume 1: "I Can Kill You From a Sitting Position"

Complete Recordings, Volume 2: "I Was A Mean Motherfucker in My Time"

Complete Recordings, Volume 3:"You Think Your Mother and Father Were a Couple of Boys?"

Complete Recordings, Volume 4: "A Night in the Stony Lonesome"

Complete Recordings, Volume 5: "I Don't Like All This Cuteness"

Complete Recordings, Volume 6: "Stop Stealing My Vokda!"

Complete Recordings, Volume 7: "The Peter and Tony Interview"

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