Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Full-Resolution/CD-Quality WAV and FLAC Files Now Available on Selected Titles

Midheaven mailorder is rolling out batches of recent new release downloads in full-resolution FLAC and WAV formats. Yes, our MP3s have always been 320kbps, but now you can purchase digital files in even higher quality -- at very sensible prices, too.

We're working towards getting the majority of our digital catalog available in increased resolution. For now, here's a clickable list of available titles, and please check back soon and often for additions...and keep an eye out here for updates:


Beat Detectives Music 2
Cheap Time Exit Smiles
Fast Times Bodytalk
Nils Frahm Spaces
Mammatus Heady Mental
Kevin Morby Harlem River
Secret Chiefs 3 Book Of Souls: Folio A
Shifted Under a Single Banner
Sole Crimes Against Totality
Vatican Shadow When You Are Crawling
Various Mountains of Tongues - Musical Dialects of the Caucasus

Monday, November 04, 2013

Friday, November 01, 2013

Midheaven mailorder releases for the week of November 4

The crisp Autumnal newness at Midheaven continues unabated with fresh, leafy titles from Atlantean Kodex (20 Buck Spin) 2xLP, Botanist/Palace Of (Flenser) LP, Circus Devils (Happy Jack Rock) LP, Daedelus (Anticon) CD/LP, John Davis (Shrimper) CD/2xLP, Molly Drake (Squirrel Thing) CD/LP, Hollow Sunshine (Robotic Empire) LP, Kassin (20|20|20) LP, Melt Banana (Azap) LP, Pampers (In The Red) LP, Sapphire Slows (Not Not Fun) LP, Tough Age (Mint) CD/LP, Vastum (20 Buck Spin) CD/LP, Vaura (Profound Lore) CD, Wreck & Reference (Flenser) LP, Yob (Profound Lore) CD, V/A Mountains Of Tongues: Musical Dialects From The Caucasus (L.M. Dupli-Cation) LP,  V/A: Virus 100: Dead Kennedys Tribute (Alternative Tentacles) CD (Reissue)...and more!  And that "more" includes 320kpbs MP3 downloads of many of the same titles for sale, too.

You can find all the above and the usual-suspect MORE on this week's Midheaven new release digest - or just visit Or click the links on the margin over there to the right. Choice is good.