Monday, December 22, 2008

iTunes SALE!: NOW until January 12!

We hereby alert you to the existence of Revolver USA/Midheaven's first iTunes Sale!

From tonight until January 12th we're offering a special selection of Revolver USA-distributed titles digitally on the iTunes Music Store at savings up to $4.00 off the usual price of $9.99 (or so).

A full list of participating titles is here:

The links on that page will take you to the iTunes Music Store album page (assuming you have iTunes installed on your computer) for the particular album you're interested in.

The page mentions December 23rd as the starting date, but the prices on the iTunes Music Store are in effect NOW and the discounts will be granted until 1/12/09.

Please take a look and tell your friends!

(For our customers outside the USA: some titles listed on the above webpage may not be available for sale in your country, but albums that ARE ok for your territory-- and are delivered to iTunes by Revolver USA-- should be on sale at equivalent discounts, as well!)

also, a friendly reminder about:

The Downloads page also gives you a complete rundown on all free and for-pay downloads-- including iTunes, and AmazonMP3-- available from Midheaven/RevolverUSA-exclusive (and otherwise!) artists, as well as directing you to all Midheaven site entries where free MP3s, RealAudio and AACs reside.

Thank you for your kind indulgence and happy holidays!

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