Monday, December 01, 2008

Larkin Grimm New York Times Review Yesterday (Sunday 11/30/08).

Larkin Grimm
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Combing through the singer-songwriter Larkin Grimm’s strange and deeply original new record, “Parplar” (Young God), you keep picking up rude shocks, some of them sung in a pleasant, cooing voice, over original and hypnotic combinations of different kinds of folk music. “Oh Mama, I’m a bad spirit, be my host,” she sings. And: “My hooks are sharp, my heart is cold.” And: “Damn the man in you.” And: “Who told you you’re going to be all right? Well, they were wrong.”

A lot of her lyrical images (and the arrangement ideas, like mariachi brass with fingerpicked guitar and synthesizer) seem to come from dreams. But her dreams aren’t utopian; they’re as complicated as real life.

Upcoming Grimm shows:
12/10 New York @ NY Housing Works Bookstore Café (w/ Michael Gira)
12/12 Richmond, VA @ Thanky Space
12/13 Greensboro, NC @ Green Bean
12/14 Greenville, SC @ Reverb
12/15 Athens, GA @ Tasty World
12/16 Atlanta, GA @ E.A.R.L.

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