Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Rough Trade Likes Magic.

Known for their finer tastes the Rough Trade Shop in London gives a warm welcome to the new Magic Kids Hey Boy single on Goner. In their Sept. 9th review they refer to "Hey Boy" as "Song of the summer? more like song of the year." If you happen to be in the neighborhood you can pick up the single for 4.99 GBP which converts to about $8.16 USD (thats $4.09 per song). Sweet deal.

The Magic Kids will be playing GonerFest 6 this Saturday (09/26/09) at Hi-Tone Cafe.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Mantles Debut LP Reviewed On Dusted.

Dusted Magazine gives a matter-of-fact review of the Mantles debut full length.

"The problem with layer upon layer of distortion and self-doubt that so many bands hide behind is that they start to obfuscate any purpose for the song. Too much fatalism, self-deprecation, and masking will just make you miserable, and the value of such a product inscrutable. Why bother in the first place, especially when it’s been so done before? It’s a valid question, but one the Mantles try to avoid altogether. “What We Do Matters” may come second on their self-titled debut, but it’s the first and really only statement they make. It’s loud and proud, marking directness and earnestness as a virtue. What follows backs up this claim." Read full review HERE.

Currently on an East Coast tour with Ty Segall:
09/18 Brooklyn, NY @ Death By Audio (w/ Ty Segall)
09/19 Princeton, NJ @ Princeton University @ Terrace Club (w/ Ty Segall)
09/20 New York, NY @ Mercury Lounge (w/ Ty Segall)
09/21 Hoboken, NJ @ Maxwell's (w/ Ty Segall)
09/25 Memphis, TN @ Buccaneer (Goner Fest 6 afternoon BBQ)
10/01 San Francisco, CA @ Eagle (Record Release Show)
11/07 San Francisco, CA @ Hemlock Tavern (w/ Finches)

Rest On Water Video.

Blues Control's "Rest On Water" from the album Local Flavor on Siltbreeze. Video by Fingered.

A Mumlers Podcast.

The Bay Bridged sat down with the Mumlers (minus a member or two) to discuss their new album, the San Jose music scene, the band's modest inception, Montana free recording time and much more. The podcast includes songs from Don’t Throw Me Away along with tracks from band's debut album Thickets & Stitches. Stream the podcast HERE.

Gnaw Their Tongues Decibel Review

Gnaw Their Tongues' latest monument of HEAVYosity, All the Dread Magnificence of Perversity, reviewed in the October issue of Decibel.

" ....The earlier output I heard from this guy leaned a little too heavily on symphonics that really dulled the skin-crawling factor, but this time around the orchestral moments are buried under hot noise, a thick mire of gooey morbidity and very off-putting samples. Sure, the song titles can get a little over the top (“Gazing at Me Through Tears of Urine”? Really?), but unlike so many harmless burping death bands and their boombox production, this provides the necessary sonic equivalence.... "

Read full review HERE.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Triclops! Up For SF Weekly Reader's Poll Award.

Triclops! have been nominated for a 2009 SF Weekly Reader's Poll award. And the category assigned to them is..... best Metal/Psych/Punk band. Please vote before Wednesday, Oct. 14th at 3p.m. Vote HERE. Power to the people!

Upcoming local shows:
09/11 Santa Rosa, CA @ House show in Santa Rosa
09/17 San Francisco, CA @ The Independent (w/ Monotonix)
10/11 Petaluma, CA @ Phoenix Theatre (w/ No Means No)
10/12 San Francisco, CA @ The Independent (w/ No Means No)
10/16 Oakland, CA @ The Uptown (w/ No Means No)
10/17 Sacramento, CA @ Harlow’s (w/ No Means No)

Friday, September 04, 2009

D&N Revel In The Sub Pop Years.

A nice 7.5 Pitchfork review for Damon & Naomi's latest release, a collection of their Sub Pop Years....

"....Admittedly, that decade resulted in a mere three studio albums, but Damon & Naomi's relatively limited output makes them a good candidate for a concise career overview compilation, which
The Sub Pop Years welcomingly provides. Divided more or less evenly between The Wondrous World of Damon & Naomi, Playback Singers, and Damon & Naomi With Ghost, while adding material from a 2002 tour document, The Sub Pop Years likely won't spark any epiphanies, but it does help coalesce a career that often, by design or not, threatened to float off into the ether and disappear...."

Read full review HERE.

Mumlers "Coffin Factory" Video.

Night of the zombie disco! "Coffin Factory" off the Mumlers latest album Don’t Throw Me Away which streets next Tuesday (Sept. 8th 2009).