Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Friday, October 23, 2015

Fuzz II is Available. And People Like It

The official street date for FUZZ II is today. You can find the DL/CD/LP on Midheaven and at all fine independent record stores worldwide.

The reviews thus far are all good. Of course.



Line Of Best Fit


Echoes and Dust

More to come!

Friday, August 28, 2015

Cruciamentum "Charnel Passages" (Profound Lore)

Having only released a demo, split and EP since forming in 2007, UK band Cruciamentum wields a reputation as one of the most prominent acts in today’s death metal scene alongside counterparts Dead Congregation and Grave Miasma (with whom Cruciamentum share two members). 

Despite their limited output, however, the band is quite active on the live front, having done several European and US tours, played many exclusive shows, and appeared at notable festivals such as Hell’s Pleasure and Killtown in Europe and Maryland Deathfest, Chaos in Tejas, Rites of Darkness (twice) and Martyrdoom in the US.

Following a brief hiatus, Cruciamentum has been resurrected to finally deliver their debut full-length. Their mightiest work yet, Charnel Passages has been deemed one of the most anticipated metal albums of the year. It is true death metal majesty in every sense of the word, unleashing dark atmosphere, pummeling brutality and skillful playing, all rendered with clear warm, natural-sounding production. Charnel Passages will make its impact on the death metal scene unlike any album released this year.

Cruciamentum's Charnel Passages is available NOW on CD and MP3/FLAC via Midheaven, and can be obtained by stores exclusively via Revolver USA


Thursday, July 23, 2015

FUZZ II on In The Red - Coming in Late October

The second installment in Ty Segall's FUZZ project is nearly upon us.  FUZZ  II  will descend from In The Red Records sometime this late October.   And it shall be good. In the meantime, you can preorder the album on Midheaven and iTunes and immediately be gratified with two free songs, "Rat Race" and "Pollinate." You can read more about the blessed event on Pitchfork, and stream "Rat Race" on Soundcloud and  "Pollinate" on YouTube.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Sonic Youth's "Bad Moon Rising" reissue

Revolver USA and Midheaven are now shipping the CD and LP reissue of Sonic Youth's 1985 album Bad Moon Rising.

The vinyl includes a download card with four extra tracks:

Satan Is Boring
Echo Canyon

These bonus songs are included on the CD, as well.

Pitchfork seems rather enthused about this release, as are, obviously, we.

Coming up in mid-July - the SY reissue series continues with Evol on CD and LP.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Our Labels' Bands Are Popular and Get Written About A Lot

Many of you stay apprised of Revolver USA/Midheaven-associated things via various social media (see those links over there on the right margin, just beneath the big "M|C" logo?).

And that's good.

For those of you with healthy, normal attention spans, though, here's a digest of things posted lately on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Pitchfork, and many other very important and relevant places:

Wand (In The Red) gets a 7.0 on Pitchfork

Akamtombo (Hand-Held) reviewed on The Quietus

The New York Times wrote about Sannhet (Flenser)! 

Sonic Youth's Bad Moon Rising (Goofin') is again a thing