Thursday, October 29, 2009

Revolver Podcast #18

Somehow Revolver Podcast #18 (from waaay back in August) was overlooked. In this session Uli single handedly tackles 17 releases in 25 minutes! A crash course in: Kevin Blechdom, Capracara, Distance, Eat Skull, Fire On Fire, Juan Maclean, Papercuts, Altar Of Plagues, Amesoeurs, Harvestman, Chord, Mia Doi Todd, Oh Sees, Themselves, Wooden Shjips, Remano Eszildn, and Venetian Snares. You can stream or download an AAC file of this podcast and all other Revolver podcasts at the Revolver pod-page:

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Monday, October 12, 2009

Indie Rock Journalism & Boston Spaceships.

A couple press quotes for the Boston Spaceships' latest contribution to the world Zero to 99.

"It is somehow 2009, five years on from the dissolution of lo-fi heroes Guided by Voices and at least 10 since the agreed-upon peak of his powers, and Bob Pollard's making some of the best music of his life. Three albums deep into the Boston Spaceships and the prolific songwriter is on a tear to rival a few of his best-ever runs." - Pitchfork

"When we got an advance copy this summer of the excellent new Boston Spaceships album, Zero To 99 (out next week on GBV Inc.), we were immediately floored by track two, 'How Wrong You Are,' possibly the best song Robert Pollard has recorded since the demise of Guided By Voices."
- Magnet

Friday, October 09, 2009

New Slumberland Singles & Shorty The Dog.

New Slumberland singles are here: Frankie Rose Thee Only One, Greg Webster Promised Land, The Pains OF Being Pure At Heart Higher Than The Stars & Bats Don’t You Rise. Some records are on lucky colored vinyl others on straight up black.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Best Gonerfest Ever.

Trailer for upcoming Gonerfest 4 DVD plus audio CD (street date 11/24).

Jay Reatard * Ooga Boogas * Greg Cratwright * Mr. Airplane Man * Lover! * Headache City * Evil Army * CoCoComa * Perfect Fits * Carbonas * Marked Men * Black Rose Band * Mr. Quintron & Miss Pussycat* Top Ten * Goodnight Loving * Eddy Current Suppression Ring * Boston Chinks * Busy Signals * Digital Leather * Menthols * King Louie One Man Band * Staags * Final Solutions * Hank IV * Hipshakes * Okmoniks * Gentlemen Jessie * Donny Denim * Vending Machine * Jeff Evans & Ross Johnson * Barbaras * Arch Rivals Hex Dispensers * Tyler Keith & the Preachers Kids * Digger & the Pussycats * Tokyo Electron * Head * Tuff Bananas

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Blues Control Tour - The Whole Enchilada.

10/10 - Oberlin OH - THE 'SCO w/ Kurt Vile, Puffy Areolas
10/11 - Ypsilanti MI - DREAMLAND w/ Tyvek
10/12 - Princeton NJ - WPRB - in-studio 3pm EST
10/16 - Philadelphia PA - PILAM w/ Watery Love, Puerto Rico Flowers
10/18 - New Haven CT - BAR
10/19 - Ithaca NY - THE SHOP
10/20 - Scranton PA - THE BOG
10/21 - Pittsburgh PA - GARFIELD ARTWORKS w/ Puffy Areolas, Centipede Eest
10/22 - Cincinnati OH - ART DAMAGE LODGE w/ Wild Gunmen, Puffy Areolas
10/23 - Louisville KY - LISA'S OAK STREET LOUNGE w/ Sapat, Raw Thug
10/24 - Chicago IL - EMPTY BOTTLE - early show w/ Ga'an, Axis:sovA
10/25 - Madison WI - GOOD STYLE SHOP
10/26 - St Paul MN - TURF CLUB w/ Chinese Stars
10/27 - Kansas City MO - RECORD BAR
10/29 - Salt Lake City UT - KILBY COURT - early show
10/29 - Salt Lake City UT - URBAN LOUNGE - late show
10/30 - Boise ID - NEUROLUX
10/31 - Olympia WA - THE NORTHERN - Halloween w/ Little Claw, Tyvek, Christmas
11/1 - Seattle WA - FUNHOUSE w/ Little Claw
11/3 - Portland OR - SOMEDAY LOUNGE
11/5 - San Francisco CA - HEMLOCK TAVERN w/ Hank IV, Celine Dion 2013
11/6 - Oakland CA - CONTINENTAL CLUB w/ Sic Alps, Jaws
11/7 - Sacramento CA - LUIGI'S SLICE w/ The Duchess and the Duke, Greg Ashley
11/8 - Santa Cruz CA - CREPE PLACE w/ Lucky Dragons, Javelin
11/9 - San Luis Obispo CA - CROSSROADS
11/10 - Irvine CA - UC IRVINE w/ Pocahaunted
11/11 - Los Angeles CA - SYNCHRONICITY w/ Pocahaunted
11/12 - San Diego CA - SODA BAR w/ Spirit Photography
11/13 - Phoenix AZ - TRUNK SPACE
11/16 - Denton TX - J&J'S PIZZA w/ Fungi Girls, Darktown Strutters, Silver Shampoo
11/17 - Austin TX - THE MOHAWK
11/18 - Houston TX - MANGO'S w/ The Wiggins
11/19 - New Orleans LA - ALLWAYS LOUNGE
11/21 - Nashville TN - DINO'S w/ The Cherry Blossoms, Ttotals
11/22 - Asheville NC - HARVEST RECORDS
11/23 - Chapel Hill NC - NIGHTLIGHT

Monday, October 05, 2009

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Mantles All Up In The Flavorpill Mix.

Sandwiched between some guy named Thom Yorke and some band called Dead Man's Bones the Mantles' "Don't Lie" is featured in Flavorpill's latest mixtape. Download the track and others HERE.

The Mantles will be celebrating the release of their new self-title full length LP at the Eagle Tavern (398 12th St) tonight. Stop by if you happen to be "cruising" Folsom street in San Francisco.

Publish Post

Revolver Bands On Tour October 1st 2009.

New dates from new Jello Biafra & The Guantanamo School Of Medicine, Black Elk, Crystal Stilts, Damon & Naomi, Daliva 666, Larkin Grimm, Hank IV, Intelligence, Mantles, Melt Banana, Mumlers, MV & EE, Pants Yell!, Papercuts, Rio En Medio, Sic Alps, Vetiver, Vivian Girls, Witch Hunt, Wooden Shjips, and much more on the tour page of recently re-designed & ultra improved Midheaven Mail Order site. Click HERE for the full ride.