Thursday, December 18, 2008

Some Much Deserved Murcof Coverage.

Murcof's stunning Versailles Sessions has been getting some much deserved media attention. Among the more notable accomplishments Murcof made the cover of Italian music magazine Rockerilla (pictured above), was #43 on Wire's Record of the Year list, and has recieved reviews from Exclaim, Tinymixtapes and Almostcool.

Here are a few relevant web links:

More on The Versailles Sessions:

"Fabulous...It brings nothing to mind so much as Vangelis in his Blade Runner mode, performing to Louis XIV" The Word

"it's freaking massive" Almost Cool

"impressive in its reach and seriousness" BBC Music

"sublime" **** Time Out

"a grand and elegant opus" Metro

“Corona’s exquisite touch, attention to detail and disarming sense of originality remain as haunting and beautiful as ever” 4/5 DJ

"an absolute pleasure" The Wire (#43 Record of the Year 2008)

"Corona’s work is becoming increasingly complex and fascinating, and this piece shows him at his most versatile and confident yet." 4.9/5 Album of the Month, themilkfactory

"Mind-blowing" 8/10 AU

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