Thursday, July 29, 2010

Pre-order Forgetters Double 7" Now!

Forgetters is a three-piece Brooklyn band featuring Blake Schwarzenbach (Jawbreaker, Jets to Brazil), Caroline Paquita (Bitchin'), and Kevin Mahon (Against Me!). Their new self-titled double 7" single streets September 21st though you can pre-order it and sample tracks HERE.


1. Vampire Lessons
2. Too Small to Fail
3. Not Funny
4. The Night Accelerates

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Butthole Surfers Freaks

The Butthole Surfers playing something that resembles "Graveyard" off their classic Locust Abortion Technician album. Mind fry central.

Gate Review From The Wire Magazine.

Gate Republic Of Sadness LP available for consumption via Ba Da Bing.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

R.I.P. Todd Sampson

Las Vegas veteran punk-rocker, singer of M.IA., Todd Sampson passed away last Sunday morning at age 46.
For more details check out the Alternative Tentacles blog or a Las Vegas Weekly article.

Friday, July 23, 2010

The Spirit Of Love.

Thee Amazing banjo virtuoso Clive Palmer.

Podcast #30 Is Ripe & Ready.

In the latest podcast Uli & Potsie spend 18 minutes and 26 seconds venturing into new Rev releases with a June 8th Street. Featured artists include: Kristin Hersh, Galaxie 500, Chap, Greg Ashley, Herbcraft, Trees, Gitar, Tender Trap, and King Lee with Quintron. Download or stream at:


Oriol Lands Featured Release On Beatport.

Electronic Music download authority Beatport made Oriol’s new record Night and Day as a featured release yesterday.

A little more on Oriol's latest on Planet Mu: On his debut full-length Night and Day, Barcelona-born, Britain-based producer Oriol Singhji connects the dots between his musical interests. From drum 'n' bass and dubstep to the '70s fusion and experimentation of Herbie Hancock and Stevie Wonder to the lush house of Theo Parrish, Larry Hearrd and Recloose, the album incorporates a wide variety of influences into a singular style that's exuberant and fresh.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Liquorball Dudes Robbed--List Of Items.

Some sad news to report. Grady Runyan (ex-Revolverite, member of Liquorball, Monoshock, Bad Trips & International Hello, and an all around stellar dude) had the misfortune of being robbed at gunpoint while visiting Oakland a few days back. He was not harmed but in the process lost a sentimental instrument and some valuable equipment.

Email from Grady that has been circulating around:

From: Grady Runyan
July 13, 2010 4:30:25 PM PDT

Hey guys,
Last thursday Marlon & I (Liquorball) were robbed at shotgun-point in Oakland-- 32nd@ Adeline-- after working on some new recordings-- they took my guitar and every piece of gear I had with me, which was considerable-- bout $2000 probably. What hurts the most is the guitar-- a RED personalized jazzmaster/strat hybrid that I've been playing since '89-- it has been THEE guitar in every band I've been in since-- thought I was gonna be buried with it. It REALLY blows.

If you guys can keep your eyes peeled for this stuff I'd REALLY appreciate it. We've filed a police report and checked a bunch of pawn shops/flea markets before I left- didn't turn up anything.
Mighta been too early-- but it's gotta surface sometime.

The guitar is unmistakable in appearance-- red sparkle/wig hair exterior by Fred Rinne. See photo below. I will gladly pay for it's return-- no questions asked. Same for the other stuff too.
Unfortunately I do not have serial numbers-- which means it will not show up "stolen" at a pawn shop or music shop.

And we were both unharmed.

We filed a police report the night of the robbery. At this point an investigator still has yet to be assigned to the case.

Thanks VERY VERY much for anything you can do.


Grady Runyan


Fender "Jazzmaster" guitar (red)- custom red sparkle paint w/wig hair embedded in the paint for texture.

The pickguard has red "scribbles" on it-- Gibson bridge-- headstock & back of neck also painted red-- 2 single coil p/ups-- bridge p/up is covered

Gibson guitar case (brown) with stickers ("Negativeland", etc) and broken handle

Colorsound wah (black) - vintage 70's

Electro-Harmonix Little Big Muff w/broken knob- several scratches- vintage

DOD 680 Analog Delay (blue w/ac cord and bias switch)- vintage

Ibanez Tube Screamer (green)- vintage, probably 80's

Proco Rat distortion (black) - very nice condition

Roland AP-2 phase shifter (dark blue)- vintage

Eventide Time Factor multi-delay w/adapter (like new)

Heet Sound E-bow
Fender ST-1 stage tuner (black) misc. cords & cables, short and long, most black, some green/orange/purple small "maxell" zipper fanny pack w/slide, whammy bar, e-bow, misc stuff
Blue suitcase w/red trim (all pedals/maxell pack inside)

Black "Caselogic" soft case (all cords/tuner inside)

Marlon lost:: MacBook , vivitar hand cam, poloroid video handheld camera, Olympus digital camera, the book 25th hour, zink mini poloroid printer
camera-- all in a blue backpack.

Please pass along

Thursday, July 08, 2010

It's Time For Podcast #29.

Podcast 29 covers releases that hit the street on May 25, 2010: Rudi Zygadlo, Swindle, Ty Segal, Manatee, Grovesnor, Castevet, Neverever, Tobacco, Coffins, Twin Sister, Secret Chiefs, Dead C, and the Spits. Download and streaming options can be found at the usual destination:

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Garotas Suecas Escaldante Banda Artwork!

If all goes according to plan Garotas Suecas' next full length Escaldante Banda CD/LP will be released on September 7th via the American Dust label. A shit load of stateside touring is scheduled around the album's release. Adquira-se funky!

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Smooth Mother Of All Shrimpers!

It's great to be alive! Next Tuesday (July 6th 2010) will be the release date for a whopper 36 song 20th Anniversary Shrimper compilation. Available on the compact disc format or on lovely hand numbered AUDIO CASSETTE. Just like the old days. Thank you Shrimper.

V/A Smooth Sounds: The Future Hits of Wckr Spgt 2XCD or MC
SHR 158
1. Peephole Circus - I'm Dressing Myself
2. Golden Boots - She Is Electric
3. The Perfect Failures - Robot Vampires
4. Tinyfolk - Transitional Objective
5. Falcon Eddy - The Ganzfeld Effect
6. Sentridoh - Smooth Sounds for Your Fucking Face
7. Soul-Junk - A Better Line
8. Joy - Pullman Heights
9. Phil Yates - The Gift of Love
10. Ashley Reaks - Actor's Raingear
11. Toby Goodshank - No Cheese For Porthos (feat. Los Debutantes)
12. The Mountain Goats - Predator Eyes
13. Miniature and Presidential - Fits and Starts
14. Peter Peter Hughes - Track Devices
15. Alan Smithee - Kurt Cobain Will Have His Revenge on the City of Los Angeles
16. Refrigerator - Boom Boom (Thumb Rights)
17. Dude Mirror - Chest Pain
18. Charlie McAlister - Fruitbat Waltz
19. Unitard - Fire on the Lemon (feat. Jeremy S. Goff & David Scott Ewers)

1. The Uncalled For - Really Long Fall
2. Primordial Undermind - God, Waking Up
3. Jad Fair - Cigarettes and Sunshine
4. So Many Wizards - Flag Pin (written for Wckr Spgt by Franklin Bruno)
5. The Human Hearts (Franklin Bruno) - Terrible Criminal
6. Mark Szabo - More or Less Alive
7. Simon Joyner and Chris Deden - Long Beach
8. The Kurt Ross Band - Memorandum of Understanding
9. The Bingo Trappers - Cause and Effect
10. Amps For Christ - Starcrossed Teen
11. John Harrelson - Landers
12. Adam Lipman and Leon Reid - My Secret Prison
13. Baboonz - Okayz Coral (feat. Norma Tanega)
14. The Ah Club - We Were Warned About Factionalism
15. Kukunuku - Princess Cat (feat. Joel of Man Is the Bastard)
16. Desperation Squad - Look Forward to Dying (Alone)
17. Breathilizor - Robot Vampires of Reprise

Eddy Current Bay Area Shows Poster.

Podcast #28 Is Ready For Your Listening Pleasure.

Podcast 28 gives you a taste of the sweet Revolver releases with a May 11, 2010 street date. This Croque Monsieur (or in America - Monte Cristo) of jams features music from: Oh Sees, DOA, Haunted George, Puffy Aereolas, Harvestman, U.S. Christmas, and Thou. As always download and streaming options can be found at the usual destination -