Friday, July 17, 2009

Segall Roundup.

Damn, it was a good week for Ty Segall. A decent Pitchfork review, local love from the Bay Guardian and SF Weekly, a bunch of live photos posted on Brooklynvegan, confirmation on a Spin future (September's "Buzzcatcher" section) and, and, and a track on a USA Today podcast. U-S-A-Freakin-Today! Links for reading and streaming listed below:

Pitchfork 7.4 review "..With this one-two punch, Segall enters a lo-fi field crowded with artists mining similar influences for inspiration and making similarly compact noise. What distinguishes him from his peers, however, is his ability to instill his songs with a palpable creative zeal, as if the final recordings were less important than the process of performing them..."

Booklynvegan photo bonanza

USA Today podcast

San Francisco Bay Guardian feature

SF Weekly show pick

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