Wednesday, July 08, 2009

8.2 Current 93 Review Posted On Pichfork.

Pitchfork delves into the dark and light sides of Current 93's latest album Aleph at Hallucinatory Mountain.

"...As with most of Current 93's albums, specifically 2006's sprawling, apocalyptic dream-state manifesto, Black Ships Ate the Sky, Aleph is a concept album of connected scenes and themes. At its center stands an exploration of the archetypes we often reduce into binaries-- good and evil, dark and light, God and Satan. Aleph, the murderer, and Adam, Eden's original innocent, personify the warring factions of Tibet's mind. Instead of opposites, he makes them equals, where the existence of one implies the other: "Almost in the beginning was the murderer," two children chant by way of introduction, Tibet reverting to his decades-old trope of letting the most innocent of babes reveal the most difficult of truths..."

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