Monday, July 13, 2009

Blues Control Review On Dusted.

Our man Doug Mosurock reviewed Blues Control's latest album Local Favor on today. John Cale & Terry Riley’s Church of Anthrax, Michael Rother, along with Daryl Hall circa 'Private Eyes' are referenced in this review.... undoubtedly a sign of excellence.

opener “Good Morning” is by far their most straightforward offering yet, with unswerving two-beat and cowbell stampeding across enormous reinforced puffball riffs concussing against the delay pedal, while Kurt Vile and Jesse Trbovich zoom all around the foundation on trumpet and sax. Leading into the album’s most docile track, “Rest on Water,” those two additional instruments provide an emotional lift that’s merely been implied on their past works. There’s a lineage of finding worth in the obscure in this track that starts with John Cale & Terry Riley’s Church of Anthrax album, zips through Michael Rother’s early solo efforts, and beelines straight to Blues Control..."

Read the full review HERE.

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