Tuesday, April 29, 2008

White Williams Video Premiere On Pitchfork.tv!

Like chocolate and peanut butter White Williams and TV Carnage make a great mix. Check out their collaborative effort that premiered on Pitchfork.TV today.

Pitchfork.tv: White Williams: "New Violence" [Video Premiere]

No sex in your violence? The video for White Williams' "New Violence" plays like a porn reel of guns, explosions, and guys being thrown through glass doors-- and weapon-wielding blondes in bikinis, and strippers, and muscular, dancing men-- without all the unnecessary attempts at, like, plot and characters and stuff. There's also a dude in a Ronald Reagan mask. This standout from the hookah-favoring East Coast electro-popper's 2007 Smoke sets Williams' deep, confidently intoned verses and breathy hooks atop chugging, effects-laden guitars and glimmering, attention-deficit electronics that point out his aesthetic connection with former tourmates Girl Talk and Dan Deacon. The clip, directed by juxtaposition-happy TV Carnage, cuts from violent image to violent image at the breakneck pace of those squiggly synths, opening with various people getting dressed and closing with a man and a woman standing up. After a shot of a bed. True neo violence, it doesn't have to make sense.

Derrick Beckles of TV Carnage has this to add: "The following 'Music Video' is a glowing tribute to our men and women in blue who courageously risk their lives each day, handing out tickets to people for riding their bicycles on the sidewalk. The song NEW VIOLENCE is ridiculously excellent as is but when combined with TV CARNAGE the result is nothing short of a Lethal Force." More trash culture mayhem and DVDs are available at the Street Carnage website, along with an interview with White Williams about this video.

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