Thursday, April 24, 2008

New Triclops! Album, podcast and Amoeba Records In-Store

Triclops! Just released their debut album on Alternative Tentacles Records.

Triclops! stole their pedigree from the likes of the Fleshies, Bottles &
Skulls, Victim's Family and Lower Forty Eight.

Check out the new podcast on the Alternative Tentacles site at :

Or they can grab the enhanced podcast here

The podcast mentions the Amoeba Records in-store THIS FRIDAY, April 25,
in San Francisco-- and links to their new video. (If you already subscribe
to the AT podcast it will automatically download by now). Its only 18mb;
19 minutes long.

Triclops! Out of Africa LP + CD (LP is white vinyl) (Virus 380 LP)
Triclops! Out of Africa CD (Virus 380 CD)

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