Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Naked On The Vague Dusted Review & US Tour Dates.

Naked on the Vague
The Blood Pressure Sessions
Original review from Doug
Mosurock's Still Single feature.

I think my attentions were elsewhere when I caught this band at their label showcase down in Austin, my mind having just been turned into a paste by Eat Skull, and the virtual threat of some scene big shot who kept glaring at me any chance he got. Next time, dude, make a move, because you missed your shot at the title. Anyway, talked to Lax afterwards and NOTV was the band he had the most to say about; kept on going off on how they make music that fits in with the old Australian label M-Squared, that they were true to the roots of new wave, in that brief window before we were able to classify it. I like to stick to my guns, but I also have an outsized amount of respect for Siltbreeze and almost all of its works, and I knew this wasn’t some barbecue hoax from nowhere. I’m glad I’ve gotten the chance to spend some quiet time with this motherfucker of an album in the meantime. Co-ed duo wanderings of a decidedly dark and altogether chilling nature, either bending in a beautifully ebbing continuous tone meander, or thumping chest with steel-eyed intensity a la the better days of Lydia Lunch, all drum machine and black dye and squealing synthesizer, deathrockin’ and boppin’ along like … well, like a band that hasn’t yet been informed of “the rules” and went off on their own gut instincts. It’s often so hard to separate goth action from a teenage-level sense of propriety, that thing that makes all but the memories of youthful exposure to such stagey bleakness and sexualized danger so hard to stomach as the years go on. Naked on the Vague pull this off pretty effortlessly, and that’s a feat worth checking out. Very highly recommended. 500 copies.

Upcoming US live dates:
04/03 Philadelphia, PA @ DANGER DANGER GALLERY
04/04 Brooklyn, New York @ Secret Project Robot Party @ Monster Island (w/ Pink Reason, Tyvek, Psychedelic Horseshit)
04/05 New York, NY @ CAKE SHOP
04/08 Providence, RI @ AS220
04/09 Florence, MA @ YOD SHOP
04/11 Detroit, MI @ UFO Factory
04/13 Toledo, OH @ MICKEY FINN"S PUB
04/16 Chicago, IL @ AV-AERIE
04/18 Iowa City, IA @ THE CAVE OF SPIRITS
04/19 Minneapolis, MN @ ORGAN HAUS
04/25 Seattle, WA @ FUNHOUSE
05/01 Portland, OR @ THE TWILIGHT (w/ Eat Skull)
05/03 San Francisco, CA @ HEMLOCK TAVERN
05/11 Los Angeles, CA @ FAMILY
05/16 Los Angeles, CA @ THE SMELL
05/20 Los Angeles, CA @ DING-A-LING

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