Friday, March 21, 2008

The Warehouse Knows Best.

Dozens upon dozens of amazing and not-so-amazing new releases arrive at the doorstep of Revolver USA each week. The onslaught of vinyl, plastic, and shrink wrap never seems to cease. For the most part variety and quantity are good things, but the downside is that occasionally a gem or two will get lost in the fray. Today is the maiden voyage in what will hopefully be weekly instalments of top picks from the folks in the Revolver warehouse. Who know's inventory better than the people who unload and pack up the boxes? Enjoy.

Kyle (warehouse manager):
Wrath of the Weak "Alogon" CD
Cloudland Canyon "Lie In Light" LP
Dirtbombs "Play Sparks" 7"
Anna Järvinen "Jag Fick Feeling" CD

Jacob (king box stuffer):
MRR ADM "Untitled"
Factums "New Album Thingy"
Black Milk "Caltroit"
The guitar "playing" old skeleton cowboy man@ 16th st & Van Ness.

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