Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Birds Of Maya Reviewed By Dusted's Vinyl Connoisseur.

Birds of Maya
Vol. 1
(Holy Mountain)
Original review

Raw, back-to-basics ‘70s basement proto-metal/hard rock pummel. Dirty recording and practice-space dynamics recall some of the best late examples of this kinda sound (High Rise, Monoshock, Comets on Fire). Some might be put off by the loose, jammy nature of most of the tracks, but these guys have a great sense of how far they can hold that shit out there before it gets old. This comes at a cost, however, as some tracks don’t have a solid beginning or end, leading me to wonder how this all plays out live. Nevertheless, this is a great combo of electric blues, Southern rock, and blown-out, handheld Led Zep bootleg played through a boombox, putting most of the recent crop of hard rock revivalists to shame. Power moves all over the place, vocals merely a suggestion of harmony rather than lyrical suggestion due to their choices in production. Nearly flawless, and righteous where it could have been corny, and legitimately sounds like a product of a prior time. Just a great, great record; a shining example of dedication to playing as it is to nostalgia. Still Single / Doug Mosurak

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