Monday, March 24, 2008

A Message From The Rebel.

B.R. Wallers accompanied by three of his Country Teaser mates will be performing on WFMU tomorrow under The Rebel moniker. More deets straight from the man himself below.

"Guys, hurry, tune in!, tomorrow (Tuesday March 25) between 3 and 6pm, the Brian Turner show, yeah! The Rebel has AT LAST been recorded in such a way that not only us serious music fans can love it but also those people who can't hear music unless it's, you know, and i don't want to put down lo-fidelity here, but ... well... SHARP. I'm not saying the Rebel can't produce himself perfectly , I'm just saying that this live session featuring Country Teasers' Sophie Politowicz, Alastair Mackinven and Robert McNeill is what is probably going to rocket The Rebel into the space from which Country Teasers was holding him back for 15 years, no offence guys, none taken. Great group and all that, but we're int the Future Now, as Kool Keith so wrightly sed: the past is in a bic lighter: Foget It!"

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