Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Full-Resolution/CD-Quality WAV and FLAC Files Now Available on Selected Titles

Midheaven mailorder is rolling out batches of recent new release downloads in full-resolution FLAC and WAV formats. Yes, our MP3s have always been 320kbps, but now you can purchase digital files in even higher quality -- at very sensible prices, too.

We're working towards getting the majority of our digital catalog available in increased resolution. For now, here's a clickable list of available titles, and please check back soon and often for additions...and keep an eye out here for updates:


Beat Detectives Music 2
Cheap Time Exit Smiles
Fast Times Bodytalk
Nils Frahm Spaces
Mammatus Heady Mental
Kevin Morby Harlem River
Secret Chiefs 3 Book Of Souls: Folio A
Shifted Under a Single Banner
Sole Crimes Against Totality
Vatican Shadow When You Are Crawling
Various Mountains of Tongues - Musical Dialects of the Caucasus

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