Friday, March 18, 2011

Apparently Jay Carney Digs GBV.

An interesting piece of Guided By Voices trivial trivia was posted by The Daily Swam yesterday:

Hot Freaks!: White House Spokesman Jay Carney Outs Himself As Massive Guided By Voices Fan...
New York Times 

New York Times: Mr. Carney is not so silent in another way. He is the lead singer of a band — a hobby and a passion second only to his devotion to the cult band “Guided by Voices.” As for any tapes of Mr. Carney actually singing, Mr. Attie joked, “The tapes can’t be revealed because Jay is an assistant to the president and they might be used for blackmail.” Anyway, he said, “There are a missing 18 minutes.”

Slate: Rockin’ Jay Carney: Responding to a question about Frank Sinatra’s impact on popular culture, Jay Carney announces that Guided by Voices, the Dayton, Ohio, riff-rockers, are his favorite band.

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