Friday, August 28, 2009

Nice Vladislav Delay Interview On Flavorwire.

An interview with Finnish composer Sasu Ripatti’s who works under the name Vladislav Delay was posted on Flavorwire last week. The feature includes a video and a stream-able edited version of the song "Melankolia" off the upcoming album Tummaa (street 09/06/09) on the Leaf Label.

FP: A lot of your recent work shows some dissatisfaction with making things you can’t really touch or experience except through electronics. Why the new emphasis on working with your hands?

Soundwise and rhythmically, of course, electronics and computers have beautiful aspects, but this one particular issue can make all the positive aspects troublesome. Sometimes I have been frustrated having to program a tone or rhythm with a mouse in my hand when I had an inspiring vision ten minutes before. I could have just played it out, but I end up writing software and forgetting what I was about in the first place. I try to bring the two approaches together somehow, looking for various ways to make it more the way I wish it was.

Read full feature HERE.

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