Monday, June 22, 2009

Onna Press.

Wild hermaphroditic cover art or not, Holy Mountain's reissue of obscure Japanese 80ies band, Onna, has been generating some serious attention:

Volcanic Tongue - "One of the reissues of the year."

Blastitude/Blogstitude - "...I suggest that instead of going out for dinner tonight, you give that $20 to Holy Mountain instead, it'll get both the 7" and the CD..."

Blog To Comm - "As for now this is a strong contender and proof once again that even here in 2009 one can make like it's 1976 or even 1962 if one tries hard enough."

Boomkat Music - " You can hear where bands like LSD March and Suishou No Fune might have taken some cues from Onna's flailing guitar sound - sprawling loosely and impressionistically across the studio recordings while those thudding machine rhythms instill some sort of orderliness."

Aquarius Records - "Tons of folks were sufficiently wowed by Onna's lone 1983 7", thankfully reissued from oblivion and drooled over a few lists back. There was just something about Onna, we couldn't quite put our finger on it, but that record was just so mysterious, a completely mesmerizing slice of lost history. Out of nowhere came this highly evocative work of melancholy psych rock with pulsing drum machines and floating Japanese vocals, sounding like nothing else you might hear from 1983, or 2009 for that matter. Adding to the confusion was almost zero information about Onna, leading listeners to make their conclusions free from any tangible facts. That changes with the arrival of this mindblowing 10 song retrospective, but just barely..... Accompanying the album are a few photos of the androgynous looking band members and some examples of Miyanishi's astounding, grotesquely erotic art. These images seem just as integral to Onna as their music, but unless you speak Japanese, you will probably be left scratching your head. There is no doubt that Onna created some challenging music, but what you get out of this album depends on how much you are willing to put into the listening experience. There may be no easy answers, but some things are better left as is, and in the end Onna's music is powerful enough to live on, in spite of its obscurity."

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