Friday, June 12, 2009

Incredible Ozma Era Melvins Show From 1989!

So apparently awhile back Scott Kelly from Neurosis started an online radio station blog thing called Combat Music Radio. Various folks contribute shows, including thundering bass-lord Joe Preston. His latest post is an amazing Melvins live show at the Covered Wagon from 1989.

Preson's words:

"... my friends in Nirvana who are amused at my obsessive fascination with the Melvins invite me to meet up with them in San Francisco where they will be playing a show with my heroes. I managed to catch a ride down there with Kurt’s girlfriend.... I ran across this board tape of the show while rummaging through some old boxes of stuff, and I’m glad to know it brings me as much joy to listen to now as it did when I got home from that trip....."

Read the full story and stream the show

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