Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Flower-Corsano Duo Review On Tiny Mix Tapes.

Flower-Corsano Duo lands 4 out of 5 stars "Eureka!" review on Tiny Mix Tapes.

"....... Mick Flower and Chris Corsano, virtuoso madmen whose contributions to American experimental music are by now legion. Flower, the electro-acoustic sage on “Japan banjo”; Corsano, the shape-shifting genius drummer boy of aggro-jazz, noise rock, and, well, cricketing: to perceive
The Four Aims as the work of just a duo is to gloss over the immense complexity within each pole, the subdivisions and layers of sonic sedition that weave through each man’s playing. It’s a profoundly collaborative product, but even to voice that cripplingly broad claim is to evade the dynamics of contention that enliven and, indeed, define the record. The five pieces and 51 minutes evince a mounting tension whose internal logic begs inspection only after having run its course, interpellating and pummeling the curious into bewildered submission....."

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