Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Brainwashed Goes All Out For Blackshaw.

A tremendous review of Jame's Blackshaw's The Glass Bead Game was posted on Brainwashed earlier this week.

"....With all pistons firing, Blackshaw paints a dramatic, but meditative melodic picture with his guitar. His strings are seemingly caught in a never-ending upward movement, each note intent on elevating the song to a higher and more introspective level. In the background, violins and cellos radiate a steady current of calm hums and ghostly utterances. Then, with just a brief pause, the band begins to weave their disparate melodic and harmonic patterns together, further enrichenin the song's lively character. Each member bends their instrument, wringing from it more emotion than was present the moment before......."

".... It's hard not to talk in a superlative manner about this record; it is majestic and deserving of more accolades and praise than I can possibly write."

Read full review HERE.

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