Thursday, April 23, 2009

Wooden Shjips' 7.2 Review On Pitchfork.

References to Alan Vega, Krautrock, Terry Riley, even Devo. The Shjips scored a right on P-fork review.

".........Dos goes a long way towards re-igniting Wooden Shjips' fire. Sonically, its five songs aren't as exploding or abrasive as earlier work-- in fact, this is the smoothest-sounding Shjips record so far. But taut energy courses through most of the album's 38 minutes. Bassist Dusty Jermier sticks to variations on the bouncing line he used to fuel the band's first insta-classic, "Shrinking Moon For You". His chugging loops are like a whip-crack, revving the band through their 1960s-licking garage tunes with the momentum of a hurtling 18-wheeler...." Read full review here.

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