Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Tony Joe White Is Auctioning Off Some Swampy Collectibles.

The Swamp Fox has cleaned house and is auctioning off a bunch of stuff (also know as exclusive TJW memorabilia) on Ebay. This killer watercolor has already surpassed the ONEHUNDREDBONES mark. Place your bid while you still can. Auction

EBay Description:
This is the first item in the Tony Joe White auction series. TJW is moving studios, so in the process, he has decided to auction off some of the items he's uncovered in the process of moving. The set contains 12 original watercolors and sketches inspired by the Tony Joe White album 'Path of a Decent Groove.' This painting, perhaps the most striking piece in the collection, is a deep purple depiction of TJ's face embedded in the shadow of man holding an acoustic guitar. This painting was personally created for TJW while he was working on the cover art for the album. It is not framed, but is in perfect condition. The image can be seen clearly in the photograph above, so we do not have a return policy. We do ship internationally. Shipping within the United States will be $12; international shipping will be $20. Our only accepted payment method is PayPal. Please let us know if you have any questions and happy bidding!

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