Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Lodger "Kicking Sand" NPR Song Of The Day

Currently on a mini tour of the US, British guitar-popsters The Lodger catch NPR's attention.

Pop-Rock Bliss, Familiar and Timeless
'Kicking Sand' by The Lodger
The U.K. band The Lodger makes the most of its basic ingredients. Thursday's Pick Online article

Song: "Kicking Sand"
Artist: The Lodger

CD: Grown-Ups
Genre: Rock, October 25, 2007 · London and Manchester may have the vaunted musical history, but Leeds has become a major hotspot for all things Britpop, thanks to the success of bands such as Kaiser Chiefs and the local Dance to the Radio label. The latter has been responsible for supporting bands through its popular compilation CD series, which is where The Lodger made its official debut in 2005.
"You say we're in the same boat / I'm not in yours / I couldn't care less about your life," singer-guitarist Ben Siddall sings in the biting refrain to "Kicking Sand." A slab of unadulterated pop-rock bliss, the song takes familiar ingredients (memorable guitar hooks, a thumping bass line) and gives them an air of timelessness: Siddall's sweet voice even calls to mind Peter Noone from Herman's Hermits. "Kicking Sand" begs to be played to excess — and stands up to the repetition.

Remaining US tour & UK dates:
11/02 Durham, NC @ Duke Coffeehouse (Troika Festival)
11/03 Athens, GA @ Flicker Theater
11/01 Richmond, VA. @ The Camel
11/01 Leeds, UK @ The Cockpit
12/14 Leeds, UK @ 2007 @ The Library

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