Monday, April 30, 2007

Limited Edition Efterklang Mini Album - Theft, Saga & Greatness.

EFTERKLANG Under Giant Trees mini album

Copenhagen's Efterklang make a welcome return with a magical re-introduction to their sound - the release of Under Giant Trees, a limited edition five-track mini-album in deluxe packaging.

Under Giant Trees is released worldwide as a strictly limited edition of 4,500 embossed, individually numbered CDs in deluxe card packaging with four 'puzzle cards', and a limited edition of 1,200 individually numbered copies on white vinyl. It is available for download.

We had a few problems with the first batch of vinyl, and the whole lot had to be pressed again and repacked into the original numbered sleeves. Unfortunately, somewhere between the factory and Leaf's UK distributor, the first box of vinyl, numbered 1 to 20, was stolen, by someone who obviously appreciates the value of this delicious release. If you ever see these copies on sale anywhere, do let us know...

So right now, lurking somewhere, someone thinks they have the 20 most exclusive Efterklang records in their possesion. Luckily for us, a few extra sleeves were printed for the vinyl. We've taken out 29 of the original, numbered sleeves and made a new HAND-LETTERED edition with the extra sleeves - the whole alphabet is there including the three extra letters in the Danish alphabet, æ, ø and å.

We and the band have kept some of these for our personal collections, but we've decided to cut out the middleman this time, and let you get your hands on one of 10 of the remaining copies direct: they're going to be listed on eBay, one per day for 10 days, from today (April 26). As a special bonus, each of these 10 copies will include a card signed by each member of Efterklang.

In a karma balancing exercise to make good on behalf of the thief of the first 20, we've decided to give all the proceeds from these auctions to charity, and what could be more appropriate for 'Under Giant Trees' than supporting the dying rainforest? The money will be used to buy a piece of untouched rainforest to secure its preservation. The purchase will be made through Nepenthes - a trustworthy Danish organisation that has raised money to buy and preserve areas of the rainforest since 1989.

'Under Giant Trees' can be found in all good record shops now, except for those that have already sold out! We've already shipped out all the stock we've pressed of this release. There won't be any more, so whether you get a CD, one of the 1,171 'regular' numbered vinyl copies, or one of these 29 super limited lettered copies, you'll be sitting on a real collector's item...

The starting price is 7 GBP with no reserve, and they'll be up for 10 days. You can find the listings here: Auctions

Also, while we're here, for those of you who are struggling with the puzzle cards contained in the CD version of 'Under Giant Trees', you can find clues here, as demonstrated by designer Nan Na Hvass:

You can preview a track from the album at Efterklang's website, where 'Towards The Bare Hill' is free to download. There is also a video of a live performance of Jojo there (and on MySpace/Youtube), also on the mini album, recorded back in November 2005 at Nalen, Stockholm, Sweden. The video is directed by Robert Nylund and produced by Christian Rehnfors - both are from Social Club.

Under Giant Trees went straight to No. 1 in the Danish singles chart, and remained there for 2 weeks!

And finally, Efterklang are going into the studio with Darren Allison to mix their second full length album, which we expect to release this Autumn. The band will tour right through into 2008. Photos from the studio can be seen here: Flickr

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