Thursday, April 12, 2007

Finches Review In Free Press Houston

(Dulc I Tone)

There were a lot of folk inspired album released in 2006, and it has become a tiresome tactic. The Finches while closely related to this style are much more than one might assume at first lesson. Human Like H House is a collection of songs that gets progressively better with each listen. The first listen will reveal the melodies and Carolyn Pennypacker's voice which gives a shimmer to each note sung. Pleasant and restrained, but still able to unveil hints of disappointment and humor, her voice accented by Aaron Morgan's baritone back up, gives the songs an almost conversational feel, which each song seem more familiar. One thing this CD does not share is a reliance on the guitar strums and stories as rhythmically it establishes a pace that can lead to a head nod if so inclined. "The Last Favor" is a special pop song that bids farewell to a friend (in whatever connotation). "O L A" is somewhat folky, but it is also a little reminiscent of 60's British pop. This album is a favorable start to the new year for me. The songs are strong, the lyrics are strong, and melodically this album is satisfying, as the title implies it is human, it's strength is it's subtlety.

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