Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Sixteen Minutes of Beirut Receives Eighty-Seven Words From Rolling Stone

Beirut's Lon Gisland ep reviewed in the new Rolling Stone.

Lon Gisland EP
RS:3.5 of 5 Stars
Average User Rating:4 of 5 Stars

Zach Condon is that truly rare thing, an American -- in fact, a very
young American -- who turns a foreign style to his own inauthentic
uses without doing it dirt. Gypsy brass as he hears it is gorgeously
lyrical because lyricism is his thing, and so he softens the three
horns on this EP not just with idiomatic accordion but with ukulele
and glockenspiel. The trumpets are cushy too, establishing a comfort
level his melodies earn. The worrisome part is that his lyrics are
kind of soft too.

(Posted: Jan 8, 2007)

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mark@vons said...

So is Christgau incapable of making a simple fucking point, or is he still desperately seeking Byron Colley? Geez, what a stylist!