Thursday, January 25, 2007

Beirut Name Checked On Gilmore Girls.

Pop culture references on nationally syndicated television have reached a new level of obscurity. Beirut's Gulag Orkester album along with the names of other indie rock luminaries where name checked on last night's episode of Gilmore Girls. Yes, the Gilmore Girls. The scene went something like this:

Dude with mandolin: Mostly I've just been messing around. I wrote
one song that's kind White Stripes, a little Ghost meets The
Decemberists meets Gulag Orkestar...

(this is right before Sebastian Bach walks in to hang out with the "band")

Whoa, where/how does David S. Rosenthal dig this stuff up? The show must have some pretty hip interns. Beirut's new ep Lon Gisland streets next Tuesday January 30th.

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