Thursday, August 28, 2014

VENGEANCE IS OURS! ~ sayeth The Cramps

In the spring of 1976, The Cramps began to fester in a NYC apartment. Without fresh air or natural light, the group developed its uniquely mutant strain of rock 'n' roll aided only by the sickly blue rays of late-night TV.

While the jackhammer rhythms of punk were proliferating in NYC, The Cramps dove into the deepest recesses of the rock 'n' roll psyche for the most primal of all rhythmic impulses —rockabilly — the sound of Southern culture falling  apart in a blaze of shudders and hiccups. As late-night sci-fi reruns colored the room, The Cramps also picked and chose amongst the psychotic debris of previous rock eras — instrumental rock, surf, psychedelia and ’60s punk. Then they added the junkiest element of all — themselves.

Now, to spread their unholy gospel to the rest of the universe, The Cramps have exhumed their first-born and brought back Vengeance Records, their own label that originally issued the two classic singles “The Way I Walk / Surfin' Bird” and “Human Fly / Domino” in 1978. Having made a pact with indie distributor Revolver USA, Vengeance Records inaugurates this resurrection with the simultaneous re-release of seven back catalog items this October (including color vinyl LP releases).

The mission is to continue releasing The Cramps records until beyond infinity.

Over-the top live show from Down Under, recorded at the 100th show of the 1986 tour. CD includes three bonus tracks.

Smell of Female 
Recorded at the famous Peppermint Lounge in 1983. Distills a cross of swampwater, moonshine and nitro down to a dangerous unstable musical substance, captured live like a crazed animal.

A Date With Elvis
1986 import-only release. Sociopathic advice, paeans to poontang, and a soulful cover of Charlie Feathers.

Stay Sick!
Sex-classic originally released in 1990. The dark side of rockabilly in a jugular vein. Pure jungle music. A favorite among rock 'n' roll sickos worldwide.

Look Mom No Head!
Rock 'n' roll in its full regalia form, with celebrations of intoxication and sexual prowess. Includes a duet with Iggy Pop on “Miniskirt Blues.”

Big Beat From Badsville
A haul-ass careening monster of a record with songs of mutilation, shape-shifting, she-devil-worship and pussy.

Fiends of Dope Island 
These charm school rejects apply their sinister handiwork to a volatile combination of incantational rock ’n’ roll hexes and crypt-kickin’ blues rave-ups. Get dixie-fried!

Look for these Cramps titles on Midheaven, in stores and via your favored online digital outlets on or around October 28, 2014. 

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