Friday, October 18, 2013

Midheaven Mailorder new releases for the week of October 21st

Eduard Artemiev "Solaris OST" (Superior Viaduct) LP
So much newness! Jay Arner CD, Eduard Artemiev Solaris OST LP, Butthole Surfers LPs, Circuit Des Yeux CD/LP, Circus Devils CDs, Coppice CD, Corrections House CD, John Davis CD, Enbilulugugal 2xCD, Far Out Fangtooth LP, Group Rhoda LP, Jel CD, Kid 606 CD/2xLP, Nobunny LP, Oranssi Pazuzu LP, Pampers CD, Pharaohs 12", Purling Hiss LP, Lethea Rodman-Melchior LP, Secret Pyramid LP, Super Wild Horses CD/LP, Theologian CD, TV Ghost 2xLP, Dot Wiggin Band CD/LP....and MORE!

You can find the above and the aforementioned MORE on this week's Midheaven new release digest

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