Thursday, February 07, 2013

Did You Say Cassettes?

Here's a list of cassette titles currently available from Midheaven / Revolver. 
Albright, Charles    First Four Years: Singles Collection    Sacramento
Babies, The    S/T    Shrimper
Babies, The    Our House On The Hill    Woodsist
Batson, Bad Boy Butch    Twisted & Bent    Bennifer Editions
Bay Blue    S/T    Anticon
Belarisk    On Amorphous Dawn    Nna Tapes
Bjerga, Sindre    Voice Studies 09    My Dance The Skull
Blonk, Jaap    Voice Studies 07    My Dance The Skull
Blues Control    Valley Tangents    Drag City
Bomb    Happy All The Time    Boner
Bomb    Hits Of Acid    Boner
Broken Penis Orchestra    Broken Runzel.eb Penis Orchestra    Fragment Factory
Bugskull    Hidden Mountain    Shrimper
Cankun    Isalo Waterfall    Not Not Fun
Co La    Soft Power Memento    Nna Tapes
Coltrane, Andrew    Voice Studies 04    My Dance The Skull
Decadent    Decadent    Decadent Presents
Decimus    Glass Tetany    Nna Tapes
Demonologists / Hhl    Split    Crucial Blast
Denim Reptile    Custody    Bennifer Editions
Digital Leather    Yes, Please. Thank You    Southpaw
Dolphins Into The Future    A Star Maker, Strange Dreams, And Clairvoyance    Nna Tapes
Duh    Blowhard    Boner
Ed Hall    Albert    Boner
Ed Hall    Love Poke Here    Boner
Ensemble Economique    Live In London    Not Not Fun
Fearless Iranians    Die For Allah    Boner
Fearless Iranians    Foolish Americans    Boner
Fearless Iranians    Holy War    Boner
Folk Implosion    Dare To Be Surprised    Communion Label
Foreskin 500    Mustache Ride    Boner
Frightwig    Phonesexy    Boner
Grandma’S Boyfriend    I Want Pizza    Loglady
Guided By Voices    Bee Thousand    Scat
Kapali Carsi    Cone In Horse    Bennifer Editions
Khan, Ali Akbar    In Concert At St. John    Ammp
Khan, Ali Akbar    In Eugene Oregon    Ammp
Khan, Ali Akbar    Jewels Of Maihar    Ammp
Khan, Ali Akbar    Legacy    Ammp
Khan, Ali Akbar    Live From Delhi    Ammp
Khan, Ali Akbar    Live In Berkeley    Ammp
Khan, Ali Akbar    Live In Calcutta 1    Ammp
Khan, Ali Akbar    Vol 1 - Signature Series    Ammp
Khan, Ali Akbar    Vol 2 - Signature Series    Ammp
King Future Cave Wolf    Live At Hotel Jambox    Teen Action
Kommissar Hjuler / Mama Baer    Voice Studies 03    My Dance The Skull
Le Revelateur    Horizon Fears    Nna Tapes
Lettera 22    Dieter Tapes    Nna Tapes
Little Debbie    Debbie’S Polished Turds    Teen Action
M.o.t.o.    Live In Turku    Blast Of Silence
Mag Resistance    Voice Studies 06    My Dance The Skull
Mctells    S/T    Captured Tracks
Mdc    Metal Devil Cokes    R/Rr Radical
Melvins    Joe Preston    Boner
Melvins    King Buzzo    Boner
Morgan, Neal    In The Yard    Drag City / Neal Morgan
Nyoukis, Dylan    Voice Studies 01    My Dance The Skull
Om    God Is Good    Drag City
Om    Advaitic Songs    Drag City
Phillip K. Glass Dick    Live At Hotel Jambox    Teen Action
Phork    Discrepancies    Nna Tapes
Pod Blotz    White... Black... Spectrum Infinity    Teen Action
Rad    Live On Kdvs    Sacramento
Rale    Moon Regarded, And The Bright One Sought    Nna Tapes
Rm    Darker Than The Dentist’S Chair    Mystra
Ruppert, Freddy    Wait    Nna Tapes
Sand Circles    Motor City    Not Not Fun
Sic Alps    S/T    Drag City
Sigmarsson, Sigtrtyggur Berg    Two New Compostions Never Heard Before    Bennifer Editions
Silver Jews    Early Times    Drag City
Spicer, Daniel    Voice Studies Volume 10    My Dance The Skull
Star Pimp    Seraphim 280 Z    Boner
Steel Pole Bath Tub    Butterfly Love    Boner
Steel Pole Bath Tub    Lurch    Boner
Steel Pole Bath Tub    Miracle Of Sound    Boner
Steel Pole Bath Tub    Some Cocktail Suggestions    Boner
Steel Pole Bath Tub    Tulip    Boner
Stelzer, Howard    Impossible Astronaut    Nna Tapes
Superconductor    Hit Songs For Girls    Boner
Team Dresch    Personal Best    Chainsaw / Candy Ass
This Is Yvonne Lovejoy    Voice Studies 08    My Dance The Skull
V/A    Smooth Sounds: The Future Hits Of Wckr Spgt    Shrimper
V/A    White Eye Of Winter Watching    Hospital Productions
V/A    Battery Davis    Teen Action
V/A    (# 4) Clandestine Cassette Series    Northern Spy
V/A    Common Sense    Tape Room
V/A    2012 Tusco Embassy Christmas Compilation    Tusco Embassy
Wckr Spgt    Shitty Lou    Shrimper
White, Tom    Voice Studies 02    My Dance The Skull
Woods    Bend Beyond    Woodsist
Yohuna    Revery    Art Fag
Young Fathers    Tape One    Anticon

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