Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Liquorball Dudes Robbed--List Of Items.

Some sad news to report. Grady Runyan (ex-Revolverite, member of Liquorball, Monoshock, Bad Trips & International Hello, and an all around stellar dude) had the misfortune of being robbed at gunpoint while visiting Oakland a few days back. He was not harmed but in the process lost a sentimental instrument and some valuable equipment.

Email from Grady that has been circulating around:

From: Grady Runyan
July 13, 2010 4:30:25 PM PDT

Hey guys,
Last thursday Marlon & I (Liquorball) were robbed at shotgun-point in Oakland-- 32nd@ Adeline-- after working on some new recordings-- they took my guitar and every piece of gear I had with me, which was considerable-- bout $2000 probably. What hurts the most is the guitar-- a RED personalized jazzmaster/strat hybrid that I've been playing since '89-- it has been THEE guitar in every band I've been in since-- thought I was gonna be buried with it. It REALLY blows.

If you guys can keep your eyes peeled for this stuff I'd REALLY appreciate it. We've filed a police report and checked a bunch of pawn shops/flea markets before I left- didn't turn up anything.
Mighta been too early-- but it's gotta surface sometime.

The guitar is unmistakable in appearance-- red sparkle/wig hair exterior by Fred Rinne. See photo below. I will gladly pay for it's return-- no questions asked. Same for the other stuff too.
Unfortunately I do not have serial numbers-- which means it will not show up "stolen" at a pawn shop or music shop.

And we were both unharmed.

We filed a police report the night of the robbery. At this point an investigator still has yet to be assigned to the case.

Thanks VERY VERY much for anything you can do.


Grady Runyan


Fender "Jazzmaster" guitar (red)- custom red sparkle paint w/wig hair embedded in the paint for texture.

The pickguard has red "scribbles" on it-- Gibson bridge-- headstock & back of neck also painted red-- 2 single coil p/ups-- bridge p/up is covered

Gibson guitar case (brown) with stickers ("Negativeland", etc) and broken handle

Colorsound wah (black) - vintage 70's

Electro-Harmonix Little Big Muff w/broken knob- several scratches- vintage

DOD 680 Analog Delay (blue w/ac cord and bias switch)- vintage

Ibanez Tube Screamer (green)- vintage, probably 80's

Proco Rat distortion (black) - very nice condition

Roland AP-2 phase shifter (dark blue)- vintage

Eventide Time Factor multi-delay w/adapter (like new)

Heet Sound E-bow
Fender ST-1 stage tuner (black) misc. cords & cables, short and long, most black, some green/orange/purple small "maxell" zipper fanny pack w/slide, whammy bar, e-bow, misc stuff
Blue suitcase w/red trim (all pedals/maxell pack inside)

Black "Caselogic" soft case (all cords/tuner inside)

Marlon lost:: MacBook , vivitar hand cam, poloroid video handheld camera, Olympus digital camera, the book 25th hour, zink mini poloroid printer
camera-- all in a blue backpack.

Please pass along

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