Friday, September 18, 2009

Mantles Debut LP Reviewed On Dusted.

Dusted Magazine gives a matter-of-fact review of the Mantles debut full length.

"The problem with layer upon layer of distortion and self-doubt that so many bands hide behind is that they start to obfuscate any purpose for the song. Too much fatalism, self-deprecation, and masking will just make you miserable, and the value of such a product inscrutable. Why bother in the first place, especially when it’s been so done before? It’s a valid question, but one the Mantles try to avoid altogether. “What We Do Matters” may come second on their self-titled debut, but it’s the first and really only statement they make. It’s loud and proud, marking directness and earnestness as a virtue. What follows backs up this claim." Read full review HERE.

Currently on an East Coast tour with Ty Segall:
09/18 Brooklyn, NY @ Death By Audio (w/ Ty Segall)
09/19 Princeton, NJ @ Princeton University @ Terrace Club (w/ Ty Segall)
09/20 New York, NY @ Mercury Lounge (w/ Ty Segall)
09/21 Hoboken, NJ @ Maxwell's (w/ Ty Segall)
09/25 Memphis, TN @ Buccaneer (Goner Fest 6 afternoon BBQ)
10/01 San Francisco, CA @ Eagle (Record Release Show)
11/07 San Francisco, CA @ Hemlock Tavern (w/ Finches)

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