Friday, February 15, 2008

Twitterings of the Mobile Persuasion

You probably know about Twitter. How did we exist all these years without the ability to text our friends to inform them we just got out of the shower and are blowing off work to watch Shimmy on FitTV?

Moreover, how did Revolver USA manage to make it this far without appropriately Twittering you regarding what we consider PRIORITY DEVELOPMENTS affecting our labels and artists?

Wonder no more. You now have the power to subscribe to Revolver USA's Twitter messages. We promise to keep our showering updates to ourselves, but...come to think of it...there's something we came away with from all those marketing and promotional retreats in the Santa Cruz mountains that we haven't attended. Y'know, the ones that always talk about Optimizing the User Experience.

So-- you're a User. Boss us around, experienced ones. What kind of text-message news updates would you like to receive? Email paul[at] and go off about what you want from Revolver's Twitter updates.

Similarly, fashionably obsessive iPhone owners (redundancy acknowleged) may have noticed the web clippings feature that was implemented in the most recent firmware update. This gimmick enables you to bookmark a page and have it instantly appear on the main menu screen of your iPhone, eliminating that pesky drudgery of having to, like, open up your Safari browser and navigate to a page (I know. What a burden!).

With this in mind, we'd like to remind you that you can bookmark our Midheaven mailorder/Revolver USA website via your iPhone and have that starkly-minimal-and-somewhat-enigmatic "M|C" logo adorn your main screen. Navigate to and click the "+" sign at the bottom of the screen. Select "Add to Home Screen" and the bookmarklet will nestle on the main menu for easy access.

You can do the same majick with the page you're now reading:

It's all a part of our total commitment to intruding on your mobile, intelligent lifestyle to serve our (and your-- trust us) self-interest.

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