Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Efterklang Video Posted On Pitchfork

An amazing video for Efterklang's "Illuminant" was posted on Pitchfork yesterday. Efterklang will spend February and March on a headlining tour of Europe and will continue to tour throughout most of 2008. Hopefully the band will make their way to the US this fall.

Video: Efterklang: "Illuminant"

This is gorgeous, really, every frame of this thing has something to take in. Yeah, the floating babies and two-headed men are familiar "weird video" territory, but the rich colors and mind-blowing detail make that easy to forget. Tobias Stretch, combining bits of Kubrick and Gondry in just the right proportions, directs. A higher resolution version is available on his webiste. This is the best way to hear Efterklang's music.

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