Thursday, August 30, 2007

Wooden Shjips Reviewed By Left Hip Mag.

Once a one-man recording project, now a fully magnetized psychedelic rock outfit, the Wooden Shjips (pronounced "ships" to you newcomers) are pumping flesh blood into the Bay Area music scene. Below is an early review of their debut full length due out on September 18th. Expect more to come from this mighty band.

Wooden Shjips
Holy Mountain, 2007
Online review

Plodding, droning and psychedelic, San Francisco's Wooden Sjips sound like an impossible mix of brit-pop, garagey swamp rock, and acid-tripping gooeyness. The fact that they are on Holy Mountain should be enough to convince you of their quality - has the label ever mistepped? No, never, impossible.

Solid, repetitive riffs on organ and bass buoy washes of shimmering, treble-on-full nerve-damaged guitars, while incense-and-peppermints Eastern mysticism creeps gently into the soundscape.... Vague and non-committal vocals weave casually in and out of the spectrum. If you took all of the best elements of the sixties and Frankensteined it into a new beast it would sound just like Wooden Ships. Nice stuff.

Gordon B. Isnor

Great homegrown video for 'Dance California'.

And some killer Rallizes-esque live footage!

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