Monday, February 05, 2007

AHAAH Review In The Weekly Alibi

A Hawk And A Hacksaw get some hometown support from local Albuquerque rag.

Sonic Reducer
By Amy Dalness

A Hawk and a Hacksaw The Way the Wind Blows (Leaf Label)

If you're ready to step out of the alt.rock music rut you've been stuck in for the past decade, The Way the Wind Blows is your first foot out of the hole. A Hawk and a Hacksaw draw from global influences(most notably Balkan) without making The Way the Wind Blows a one-way ticket to the old world. The Albuquerque-born duo masterfully interlaces delicate violin with the potentially overbearing cry of the accordion to create a lively, organic and entrancing experience. This isn't your momma's heavy-handed, new-agey folk—it's folk for the rest of us.

The gipsy jammers at their best at Palimpsest Festival:

AHAAH play their last US show before moving to Hungary on February 8th at Colleg o' Santa Fe, Santa Fe, NM.

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